Printed Media Projects

Cinema Posters for Institut Français
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Bollards of Istanbul
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North Sea Jazz Festival

We come in touch with music through soundwaves even before we are born. This layered poster shows an embryo playing the saxophone behind a grid of waves. The poster was selected for the festival’s art poster group exhibition in Rotterdam.

This is Life: The Illustrated Adventures of Life
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Amsterdam Turkish Film Festival poster
The festival’s theme was diaspora. For this reason, I created an alternative map consisting of the countries with the most Turkish residents.

The Extraordinary Life of Miss Baker
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Unser Täglich Brot (Our Daily Bread) mega poster

After seeing the documentary by filmmaker Nikolaus Geyrhalter which gives us a sneak peek into the world of industrial food production and high-tech agriculture, I created this poster in response to the countless animals you see being slaughtered in the documentary and gave them a place in the end credit sequence.

Handmade Silkscreened Fabric Book

Intrigued by the quote “The Most Beautiful Sound in the World is Silence” I decided to create a silent book made out of fabric. The pages show curated images by artists that make one appreciate the quote.

Poetry International Festival Rotterdam
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Tribute poster for graphic designer Saul Bass

The poster was inspired by Saul Bass’ phenomenal opening title for the movie Psycho.


Everybody knows the logo designs, but most people don't know the designer that created them. For this reason, I made a T(ribute)-shirt collection where I chose to put the designer's name at the forefront. Including the type designer’s name and my own.

De Balie
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Twins Flipbook

Made in reaction to a bizarre news article about two identical twins that were separated because of an experiment. After 35 years they got reunited. Each book shows the life of one of the twins. In the end, the two books become one.


Photography series about the concrete city environments where I tried to capture the beauty (or ugliness, depending on your preference) of the coming together of the different materials and patterns in our current-day architecture. The outcome is a series of collage-like graphic panoramic pictures of our urban jungles.