Branding & Packaging

Kardes Lié Branding & E-commerce Website
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NEWAMS Fashion Branding
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Moving Identities
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Kolay Çerçeve 
Online custom frame e-shop branding and UX/UI.
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Logo design for a sustainable hm towel brand from Denmark.

Bilkon is a leather garments specialist, offering a full service from design sampling to final production for clients like Zara, Massimo Duti, and many others.

Perfume brand logo and packaging consisting of sixteen mini bottles for the ubiquitous people.

Amsterdam Underground Festival logo
An exploration of the underground city and its culture. Serving as inspiration and decoration for film and theater talent, writers, artists, and musicians.

European Space Agency
Animated logo consisting of floating space debris particles.

Saray Food
Döner Kebab branding and packaging for a Danish meat company.
Credits: Illustrations by Vito Manolo Roma

Personal logo  
Optical illusion logo. The white space reads the letter “H” (and “A”), together with the letters “lil” forming my first name Halil.